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The Will of George Schmachtenberger

Written February 26, 1885
George died March 31, 1885

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george will
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george will
george will

Here's page one of George's Will

In the name of the Benevolent father of all, I, George Schmachtenberger, of Union Township, St. Joseph County, and State of Indiana, do make and publish this my last will and testament.

Item 1 - I want all just claims against me paid.

Item 2 - I desire that the land be sold but not for less than its fair cash value, also all personal property.

Item 3 - That the proceeds of the sale of land and property be divided equally between my wife and two daughters each receiving one third.

Item 4 - That after my wife Jane Schmachtenberger receives one third the two third be put on interest for the benefit of my two daughters Eva A. Schmachtenberger and Pearly G. Schmachtenberger.

Item 5 - I make and appoint William Huff of Bremen, Marshall County, State of Indiana, Grantor of this my last will and testament.

In testimony hereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this 26th Day of February 1885.

George Schmachtenberger
His mark

Witnessed by Michael Slough (his sister Sarah's husband) and Ludwig Varshler?

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